About Us

Nook & Sill in Telluride, Colorado
"It's the little things."

Welcome to Nook & Sill, an online shop for unique home décor and goods for the small spaces in your home. Here you'll find accents and accessories for your window sills, nooks, shelves, walls, and niches. Some practical, some whimsical!

With over eight years of experience in the home decorating industry, founder Ted Wilson created Nook & Sill in 2017. Based in Telluride, Colorado, Nook & Sill approaches home decorating as "treasure hunting" - digging around the world to find truly unique, fun, and beautiful objects to complete your home. 

Sometimes finding the perfect accents & accessories for those small spaces in your house is the most difficult!  Have you ever struggled to make the window sill above your kitchen sink look thought-out, pretty, and not just cluttered with junk? We have too. That little nook in the corner of a room that never looks right?  We know your trouble.  Boring shelves that need "something else"? A blank wall? We've been there and we're here to help. Nook & Sill's mission is to sort through all the countless products in the world and whittle it down to the "good stuff". As well as creating some of our own. Let us do the hunting.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our new shop. We hope you'll like what you see and find some inspiration. Please come back often: We're just getting started...and we'll be sweating the small stuff. :)

Our best from Telluride,
Ted & Anna